Thanks to nature’s delicately balanced underwater ecosystem, we’ve been provided with a precious resource, and with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we don’t treat this gift lightly. That’s why we only take what can be replenished and employ responsible harvesting methods to ensure this splendid sea plant thrives for many years to come.”

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Dermikelp® products use a natural active ingredient, but not at the expense of nature itself. That’s why the Ecklonia maxima kelp used in our active ingredient is hand picked by divers, using a strip-rotational harvesting method which promotes healthy forest regeneration, preserving this precious resource and its delicate ecosystem for the future.
Through our patented natural extraction process, we use every part of the Ecklonia maxima plant stem to make CEM-K, the active ingredient used in Dermikelp® products. And rather than discarding the leaves, they are processed for agricultural use and returned to nature as nutrient-rich plant food. What’s more, all of our bottles and tubes are 100% recyclable, and our cartons are made of recycled paper.